Jake Paul is stirring the pot yet again, but this time he's got some seriously valid points to make about bullying, body shaming and making light of the serious issue that is suicide. He's getting Alissa Violet, FaZe Banks, Chantel Jefferies and Rice Gum involved in his newest video too and basically lashed the eff out. It all began when Jake vlogged with his ex-girlfriend Saxon Sharbino, but the fight going on between these frenemies oddly has nothing to do with her. At the beginning of the vlog, Jake gets very heated about Rice Gum and the video he made about Team 10's new house. In that video, Rice Gum made a tasteless joke saying the Team 10 crew should put a noose as a decoration inside their home and commented on Tessa Brooks and Nick Crompton's weight, saying they can't use the house's elevator together because it looks like it might break if they're both in there. If you couldn't already guess, Jake went off on Rice Gum.

Jake explained, "It needs to stop; this kid needs to stop. He’s a wrecking ball of negativity and who knows when he is going to offend or deeply hurt a kid by bullying them…Everyone should feel comfortable in their own bodies and everyone can look however the f–k they want. And for you to make fun of somebody for their attributes that they might not be able to control is f–ked up."

It's pretty obvious in the video that Jake knew he was about to start total internet chaos. After all of this was released, FaZe and Alissa took to Twitter to stick up for their CloutGang pal Rice Gum. Alissa tweeted talking about her ex Jake and said, "Oh honey.. you're the biggest hypocrite. Talk sh-t about my friends and speak highly of yourself when you've done the absolute worst of the."

tweet 2

She continued, "worst. I usually just do my own thing and keep to myself but when you involve my friends, you're done. Storms coming, be prepared."

Girl is NOT messing around and neither is her boyfriend, FaZe. He tweeted about Jake, "Homie tried to use his millions of followers to completely destroy my career and my personal life and he’s going off about internet bullies."

FaZe even calls Jake out for being an Internet troll. He said, "He’s not hiding what he’s thinking. And at the end of the day he’s a fkn troll. Sorry not tryna stir the pot, but the hypocrisy is real." Oh yeah, and FaZe really, really doesn't want to make another Jake Paul video having to deal with the fight. He let his Twitter followers know that, too. Now, the question is, how the hell did Chantel get looped in with all of this? Well, she is actually in Rice Gum's video and contributes her own thoughts to what he was saying about Team 10.

Jake freaks on her as well totally calling her out for only being relevant while dating Justin Bieber. Speaking directly to Rice Gum and Chantel in the video, Jake said, "Tell your friend Chantel to leave herself out of these reaction videos or whenever you talk about your dad like this. Because Chantel, you should retire. The biggest moment of your career was when you dated Justin Bieber. You're irrelevant now. You walk around to all these famous Hollywood people's camps and you try to hang out with them just to get famous which is why you are now with Bryan in his room reacting to a video that has nothing to do with you. And the Mercedes that you drive around in, your dad bought it for you. You don't make any money."

FREAKING. YIKES. Since Chantel is now included in this narrative she took to Twitter to express her own thoughts. She posted the dictionary definition of the word, "hypocrite". FaZe and Alissa both retweeted it which means it was most likely directed at Jake.

The whole thing is a whirlwind and kind of hard to keep up with. But, we may have to side with Jake on this one. Rice Gum should not be so insensitive especially when it comes such tough subjects that lots of kids who watch his videos are probably facing. There's no telling what Rice Gum, Alissa, FaZe and Chantel have in store to get revenge on everything Jake revealed in this video but we have a feeling it won't be long before we find out.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255.

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