Okay, now THIS is so exciting!

We know that Jake Paul is set to star in the brand new Disney Channel original series, Bizaardvark, but now we know that Jake has teamed up with his brother, Logan Paul to write, executive produce and star in a movie together!

Today was the first day of filming for their movie, Airplane Mode, and we talked with Jake exclusively to get some details about the upcoming comedy.

According to Jake, Airplane Mode can be described as "an Expendables with social media stars."

Jake says that the comedy takes some of today's biggest social media stars, and puts them on a plane on their way to a social media convention. When the pilot asks them to turn their phones on airplane mode, none of them do, because, of course, they're all internet personalities.

The rest of the film will follow their plane ride, and how their decision to continue posting, and leaving their phones on, affects their journey.

Jake tell us that in addition to he and his brother, fans can expect to see appearances from Jerome Jarre, Arielle Vandenberg, Anwar Jibawi, Casey Neistat, Amanda Cerny, Roman Atwood, Jerry Purpdrank, Vitaly, Brittany Furlan, and many more surprise guests!

Are you excited to see Airplane Mode when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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