You might want to prepare yourselves because Jake Paul just announced that he’s got a brand new YouTube series premiering on May 31, and boy, does it look intense.

The controversial star shared a trailer for the new show on Saturday, May 25, 2019. It’s called Team 10 Uncut, and is described as a “10-part series behind-the-scenes of Jake Paul’s life as he works to rebuild Team 10.” Based on the trailer, it appears that the series will tackle pretty much everything in Jake’s life — from his mysterious and confusing relationship with Tana Mongeau to the fate of his infamous Team 10 — and we seriously cannot wait.

“People don’t understand how hard it is to rebuild this company,” the social media star said in the trailer. “The pressures, the s–t that’s on my plate. I don’t have a road map in front of me of how to do this s–t. And it’s f–king stressful.”

Team 10

As fans know, Team 10 was basically a group of YouTubers who lived together and vlogged their daily adventures. The group was started by Jake, and they were pretty known for constantly doing crazy and dangerous things in their videos to get some views. After a ton of drama though, they all eventually went their separate ways.

But now, based off of the trailer, it looks like Jake’s working hard to find a new Team 10 — and we cannot wait to see who will be in it! So far, we know that Brandon Amato, Lauren Dascalo, Cole Carrigan and the Caci Twins will be a part of the new group — wow, talk about a dream team.

The video went on to show a ton of fighting, screaming, partying, destruction and, of course, a few dangerous stunts. But it was when Jake got real about one of his past relationships that it seriously left us on the edge of our seats.

“How the f–k am I supposed to trust anyone after that?” the 22-year-old said. “She looks me in the eyes, tells me something, and then it’s all just a f–king lie?”

OMG. Who could he be talking about? Could it be his ex Erika Costell or his former flame Alissa Violet? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

“After that, there’s nothing that could fix me,” he added.

Lucky for us, we’ll only have to wait a few more days until the first episode airs.

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