Don’t worry, guys, Jake Paul didn’t actually break his ribs! That’s right, his recent trip to the hospital was just a prank pulled on pro boxer Ryan Garcia, after he teamed up with the YouTuber for the “body shot challenge.”

On Sunday, June 28, the internet star uploaded a brand new video and explained to fans that he planned to let the 21-year-old athlete punch him repeatedly in the torso before sharing exactly how the prank was going to go down.

“So today Ryan Garcia is coming over to film a little content,” the 23-year-old said. “But, he’s just started his YouTube channel, and nobody has officially initiated him. I thought I’d be the one to do it by pranking him and welcoming him to the YouTube family.”

He continued, “He thinks we’re doing a body shot challenge, but I’m going to act like my rib is broken when he hits me, and we or may not have a fake ambulance that comes.”

So, that’s exactly what happened! Ryan hit Jake a few times in the ribs before the former Team 10 founder started to complain about the pain. He went into the bathroom and started acting like he was in a lot of pain before someone from Jake’s team told Ryan that he was spitting blood so they called an ambulance. Feeling horrible, Ryan accompanied Jake into the back of the ambulance before the entire thing was revealed as a prank.

“Yo, paramedic,” Jake said while laying down and holding ice on his stomach. “Before we go, I just wanted to tell my friend that you just got pranked b***h.”

After the entire thing went down, Ryan even shared their “body shot challenge” on Instagram.

Sent @jakepaul to the hospital. Get well, and no way we will do the #bodyshotchallenge without the protector again,” he wrote. Then, hours later, he responded to a fan on Twitter and admitted while the whole joke was happening, he was “actually so worried” about Jake.

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