With 9.8 Instagram followers, 5.3 million likes on Facebook and 11 million YouTube subscribers, it is safe to say that Jake Paul is a pretty well-known dude. With a recognizable face and bright blonde hair that you surely cannot miss, it is more than likely that Jake can rarely go anywhere without someone spotting him and asking for a selfie – or in many cases, asking to make an appearance in the vlog he is probably shooting at the time. Well, Jake put himself to the test to see if he could go to a high school football game in a disguise in order to ask people what they think about Jake Paul.

What sounded like a great idea in theory actually backfired though. Sure, people told him what they think of Jake Paul – only problem is they totally knew he was Jake Paul. Nice try, buddy. He should probably spring for a better costume next time – especially when going to a high school event, where the majority of people probably follow him on social media.

jake paul disguise

“I’m gonna be in disguise and see if anyone recognizes me – but also I want to ask people what they think about Jake Paul,” Jake said in his vlog, which fans immediately realized he was filming.

Although he kept telling fans that he was not, in fact Jake Paul (he went by Ricky instead), no one was buying it. Before he knew it, there were a swarm of high school students surrounding him on the bleachers and he then had to dip about. Oh Jake, at least you tried. If we learned anything from this video of his, it’s that Jake doesn’t look half bad with brown hair!

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