At only 17 years old, Ethan and Grayson Dolan have quickly become two of the most well-known faces in social media. And it's not just because well, they look the same being twins and all. They started making Vine videos a few years back and from there, have become YouTubers and have massive followings on Instagram and Twitter and they have a Teen Choice Award. So you know, killing the game. There has been much buzz as to how these two really got their start in the social media world, with none other than Jake Paul being the one who apparently "discovered" the Dolans but as his older brother Logan pointed out in a diss track, Jake wasn't able to sign them onto his beloved Team 10.

Now, in a very honest interview Ethan and Grayson did with Caspar Lee, they revealed the truth once and for all. And their version of what went down is a bit different than the narrative the Paul brothers have put out into the universe. Basically, the Dolans said Jake never tried to sign them onto Team 10 after they did stay with him in Los Angeles and make some videos together. Jake, on the other hand, has said in the past he offered to sign them months after he first helped the guys kick-start their careers, when he was able to take on that management role. But they then turned down his offer, which caused the guys to not really be friends anymore.

"There's something in his book too about how we were like his 'test people,' 'experiments' and he flew us out to LA which he didn't," Grayson explained. "He did let us stay with him and we did make content with him and we had fun. Jake was a great friend of ours and I still belive the kid is a good person deep down. There are some things I've seen I don't agree with. He's said some things privately to other people that I know about us and I just don't know why he said it. We were never presented with a contract. I think the whole Team 10 thing started probably two years after we first started doing everything."

Grayson went further into details about the work he and his brother did with Jake, saying the Team 10 leader did help them out, but JP didn't necessarily pluck them out of obscurity and turn them into superstars. They already were starting off on the right foot when Jake came along and helped them elevate their careers.

"Jake was saying that he blew us up. Him and Logan blew us up. We did come out, Jake was very kind and let us stay at his place. He showed us the ropes. I remember him showing me how to edit Vines and that was amazing. I think I had 200K or 300K followers on Vine. We gained like 200K within the next two weeks after we posted with him. So I went from 300 to almost 600K and Ethan went from 200K to almost 500K, which was crazy. We were, like, high on life," Grayson continued. "Our videos weren't doing that far off from each other to begin with. It wasn't like we were just random kids who Jake found that he was like, 'You guys, come with me. I have an idea.' We were all creators. The vibe wasn't 'I'm going to blow you up.' Jake was a big help [though]."

jake paul dolan twins

So it seems like Jake and the Dolans look at what happened during this time in a bit of a different way. Ethan went on to say though that they are both appreciative to Jake for what he did for them and he was a major source of support for Ethan when he was dealing with bullies in school.

"When we first came out, we were literally just making content as friends. Because none of us had friends. Vine was a new platform, we were the youngest dues. We were only 15 or 14 and Jake was 17," Ethan said. "Something I am appreciative about Jake though, when I was going through a really tough time at school, people were picking on me, I would talk to him about it because he experienced a lot of the same things. Even teachers would pick on us. He did help me through that stuff."

So while there is a difference of opinion when it comes to what exactly Jake did for Ethan and Grayson, all three guys can agree they were once friends who helped each other out along the way. However, the twins don't ever really want anyone, including Jake, to claim he "made" them.

"That's what the vibe was. It was everyone bringing each other up. I would never say [I 'made'] about somebody even if I did. I didn't make you, your mom made you. How do you make someone?" Grayson and Ethan both said to Caspar.

Fair points there, guys. So what do they think about the drama and web star beef they see on YouTube? You pretty much won't ever catch the Dolans being involved in anything like that, since they simply want to make videos that make people happy and strive to always be their most authentic selves, which isn't always the case with people on the Internet.

"Everything's fake. It's a lot of hype because people just like drama," Ethan said, with Grayson chiming in, "It's thoroughly entertaining. But it's not good. It makes me feel like s—t after."

"What direction are you moving toward by just creating drama? Who are you helping by just bringing somebody down? And are going to feel good about yourself when the drama ends and the numbers are gone?" they both said.

OK, boys, we see you serving up some real talk here. At the end of the day though, Grayson made it clear that he just hopes all the web influencers out there really take a look at the image and content they're putting out there for their fans, especially those who are younger.

"I'm not jealous of anybody and I'm happy for all their success and I just wish they would use their influence in better ways sometimes," Grayson said.

Something to take note of, that's for sure.

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