YouTuber Jake Paul is getting hate online for eating cereal out of a pair of $20,000 Air Jordan sneakers. Yep, the Instagram account Rich Kids Of The Internet reposted a video of the social media star taking a spoon to the limited edition Christian Dior Nike shoes, and people were seriously not happy about it.

“So the new $20,000 Dior X Air Jordans taste good right?” the video’s caption read.

Followers were quick to comment, and some even called Jake out and told him to “grow up” while others on Twitter said he was “lame” and a “loser.”

“Do you know how lame this is?” one person wrote on alongside the video. Another person added, “Sneaker culture starting to suck more and more everyday. People just buy their way in, buying s**t they don’t even really like to impress other people doin stupid s**t like this.”

A third person said, “Jake Paul Snapchats himself eating cereal out of the Jordan 1 Diors. And then he wonders why he’s so hated.”

For those who missed it, the sneakers are part of a collaboration between Nike and high-end brand Christian Dior. According to the brand’s website, each shoe was “edge-painted by hand” and “pay tribute to Dior’s excellence and savior-fair while drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of both brands.”

The New York Post reported that when the shoes first went on sale, only a limited amount were available at $2,200. Now, the shoes are being resold for up to $20,000. The collaboration was set to mark the 35th anniversary of the release of the Air Jordan 1.

Although Jake as yet to outright address all the backlash he has received after eating out of the sneaker, he did take to Twitter and retweet someone else’s post.

“God please make me rich. I promise I won’t disgrace you like this,” someone wrote alongside the now-viral video, which is the most recent tweet on the influencer’s profile.

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