LOL: Jake Paul Seems to Think Justin Bieber Is Another Paul Bro


Jake Paul and Justin Bieber might not seem like they have a ton in common besides you know, being two super popular guys whose fans totally love them oh so much. But according to JP, Justin could totally be a third Paul brother. We kid you not.

Now while Jake already has an older bro Logan Paul, he couldn't help but let the singer know in the comments of the Biebs' latest Instagram pic that he thinks Justin looks like a Paul. Specifically, a combination of Jake and Logan. "This is what happens when Logan & Jake Paul morph into one..#truth" Jake wrote commented on Justin's super smiley new pic.

OK, so we kind of see where Jake is coming from. Justin's blonde hair is longer than usual, giving us Logan vibes and between his overall look, pose, and state of cheerfulness, it's easy to see where Jake is coming from. But at the same time, we really don't think the "Friends" singer looks anything like the Paul brothers. And besides, Justin already has his own mini-me, his little brother Jaxon Bieber.

(Photo Credit: Getty)

So no, Justin isn't the long-lost third Paul brother. But if you think about it, Justin did get his start by posting videos of himself singing on his Kidrauhl YouTube channel and it was from there he was discovered by Scooter Braun and well, the rest is history. Jake and Logan got their starts on social media from making Vine videos and they have gone on to become some of the biggest YouTubers ever, who have crossed over into starring in TV shows and movies. The Pauls have built empires — ever heard of Team 10 or the Logang? — and Justin has one too. Maybe these guys really do have more in common than we initially thought. Jake and Logan haven't become some of the biggest stars in recent music history quite like the Biebs has but there really is only one Justin Bieber and that will never change.


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