It's been months since Alissa Violet and Jake Paul broke off their relationship and broke the hearts of millions of shippers. Just because their relationship was over doesn't mean the drama had to end. There have been plenty of jabs the pair has taken at each other since the split and everyone keeps on giving them the attention for it. Now, with Alissa in another committed relationship with fellow YouTuber FaZe Banks, Jake is finally admitting that he loved her. Of course, we know what you're thinking. How could he have loved her if he cheated on her? How could he have loved her if he brought other girls around when they were supposed to exclusive? How could he love her if he played mind games with her? That part is all still very unclear.

However, apparently, Jake did love Alissa after all. He made an appearance at The Breakfast Club and while Alissa's name was never mentioned, one conversation is obviously very much about her. The crew started chatting about how Jake's brother, Logan Paul, hooked up with Alissa. He said that it was a very hard thing to go through but because of loyalty to his family, he hasn't released the details surrounding the incident.

He said, "I brought this girl into my life, gave her a career, gave her everything, like housing, places to live, everything. Bro, I brought her out of the traps of Ohio." Charlemagne asked if he loved this girl, aka Alissa, and Jake nodded his head yes. We would have loved a sound bite, but hey, you can't always win here. Alissa has yet to comment on Jake's love confession but considering the fact that she is trying to deal with the whole Barley House brawl, she may not be keeping close tabs on her ex.

jake paul sad

What did Jake learn from the Alissa situation? That you can't trust everyone. He said, "I think it's about being more careful. I think I'm a lot more careful about everyone in my life now. Cause there's been like so many, you know I mean like it's just like anyone coming up. You're going to weed through whose actually there for you and whose not. And I'm only 20 years old so I've had to learn it super, super fast."

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