As if Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video wasn't enough of a roast on her past selves, just wait until you see what Jake Paul decided to release. Of course, he always has to get in on the hottest craze at the moment, and it's clear that right now, it's the week of the diss tracks. Not just any diss track though, a diss track that ultimately disses yourself. Bizarre, yes. But Jake has gone and done it again, putting all of the rumors about him out there into a 4 minute and 49-second rap AND encouraging fans to do the same.

Well, we thought you'd never ask Jake! All jokes aside, Jake's rap, which is explicitly titled "F–k Jake Paul," brings up everything from his high school peers calling him a bully to the awful things people say about Team 10 to the fact that he has no talent whatsoever. He also brings up the fact that former Team 10 member Max Beaumont completely betrayed him – an ode to the FaZe Banks drama that blew up last week.

The thing about this video that sets it apart from all the others, is that there are two Jakes on the screen. One of them is talking all the hate and the other is agreeing with him, seeing his point and then trying to tell another side of the story. From what we've gathered, one of the Jakes is spewing headlines that the real Jake has seen. He's spewing words, tweets, captions, comments, and really anything that has been said about the former Disney Channel actor and his web star gang of friends.

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Issa squad

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The other Jake is the "real" Jake Paul, just trying to work hard and show the world that dreams do come true even though you'll make some mistakes along the way. It's almost as if the "real" Jake is trying to say to everyone, 'Hey, cut me some slack.' Unfortunately, slack is the last thing Jake is going to get from the people he's bullied to his very upset neighbors to the thousands of people that unsubscribed to his channel after he accused FaZe of assaulting his long time assistant.

But this video might get people to listen for a few other reasons. The first is that he's not denying anything. Jake is admitting that he WAS the bully in fifth grade, but it wasn't cool. He's admitting that he's learning from his mistakes. He's admitting that he understands where the hate comes from and why people would have such negative thoughts about him and his friends. Another reason why people are going to listen to this is because he's encouraging YOU ALL to roast him.

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"Real shooters they'll sit in jail for me"

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Yes, the haters and the Jake Paulers are being invited to make their own Jake Paul roast diss track. All you have to do is create the words, put them to the audio that he has provided you with, and Jake himself will choose a winner. The winner will be flown out to Los Angeles and will get the chance to vlog with him, make music with him and hang out with Team 10. If you're a fan, this sounds like the ultimate dream.

However, we have a feeling a hater could definitely take the crown on this one. Oh and one more thing Jake asks to include when submitting the diss track, use the hashtag #JakePaulRoastChallenge, because, obviously. So, there's only one thing left to do – GET. TO. WERK.


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