Did Jake Paul just throw some major shade towards his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell? Some fans are convinced that the YouTuber just sent a strong message to his former flame, and the internet is pretty shook over it.

During a recent vlog, the influencer showed a throwback clip of his dog, Thor, and when Erika appeared in the background of it, he blurred out her face.

Jake Paul shades Erika Costell

Yikes! For those who forgot, the two social media stars were practically couple goals back in the day. Their relationship started off as fake, with the two flaunting their staged-PDA all over social media, but eventually they revealed that they had fallen for each other for real. That is, until November 2018 when they announced that they had decided to go their separate ways.

But then, in August 2019, they were snapped getting lunch at a restaurant, and fans quickly went into a frenzy. Especially since Jake was married to Tana Mongeau at the time. But when rumors started to swirl that he had cheated on the blonde beauty with Erika, Jake set the record straight in a video called “I Got Caught Cheating on my Wife,” and he denied that it was him in the photos.

“I think this is hilarious. Where do I even start with this conversation?” he said. “That isn’t me. That’s not me. I will admit, that does look a lot like me and Erika, it does. It really does, and it’s such an unfortunate misconception to say the least.”

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“I understand where everyone’s coming from. Everyone wants to have Tana‘s back, and I totally agree,” Jake continued. “However, I will say though, if that was me and Erika at that restaurant — if those pictures were actually of me — then I guess this would be my explanation, hypothetically. Maybe that guy was at a birthday party the night before, where he hadn’t seen his ex in over a year. Literally hadn’t even communicated with her in a year, they don’t even have each other’s phone numbers. Then randomly they see each other at a birthday party, and everything was cordial, and nice and friendly. But they haven’t talked in a year, so instead of talking at the birthday party, they decided to get lunch the next day. Even if all of that happened, I’m not saying that all of that happened but hypothetically speaking, if all of that were to happen, does it matter if someone who is married goes to lunch with their ex girlfriend to talk about things, and simmer down the negativity and to make things cordial? Does it matter, A? And B, is it any of your guys’ business? I will say this: Tana went to lunch with one of her exes, Bella, and no one wanted to say anything. People want certain people to fail or look stupid or position them in a certain way to make them look bad.”

In November 2019, the former flames were spotted hanging out again! And this time, Jake didn’t deny it.

“Exes can be friends, right?” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Or just because ‘stans’ don’t like that and get butt hurt we’re not supposed to be?”

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