For the past couple of weeks, Jake Paul has kept quieter than usual but no one expected that to last long and now he's being sued for allegedly damaging someone's hearing. The whole thing is bizarre but it's not hard to believe. Unsurprisingly, its sounds like something the prankster would do without even realizing he's doing anything wrong. TMZ is reporting that Jake had a lawsuit dropped in his lap by a California man who wants him and his Team 10 crew to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The crew was allegedly driving around Los Angeles honking an incredibly loud car horn at pedestrians who least expected it. They filmed their so-called funny reactions to the blast. In the vlog called, "EMBARRASSING BILLBOARD PRANK ON MY BROTHER (HE FREAKED)," Jake says, "Let's scare some people, let's go." The first two girls he honked at got a bit scared but kept on walking. It wasn't that funny, but of course, the crew kept on driving and scaring. Almost everyone that heard the horn flinched, freaked and ran away causing an eruption of laughter in the car.

However, this particular lawsuit filed against Jake and his friends says that the horn did more than just scare him. Supposedly, this man was leaving a store in West Hollywood, California when he heard the noise and it actually damaged his hearing. He said he is in the video that Jake has posted on YouTube. After watching the video several times, most of Jake's horn prank victims are teen girls but there are a couple of older man in there. One man in a white shirt is actually exiting a store when he throws his hand up in the air after the horn sounds. This could very well be the guy who is slamming them with a lawsuit.

He is suing Jake and Team 10 members for damages from the injury and emotional distress. This is not good. The YouTuber has yet to comment on the lawsuit and we have a feeling he's going to keep quiet about it. To be honest, he should probably just get that horn removed from his car. There's no telling who else is going to come out with hearing damages from the prank now that this lawsuit has become public.

All of this is kind of upsetting, though. Jake and his brother, Logan Paul, recently returned home from Italy where Jake actually stayed out of trouble. It was Logan who got arrested for flying a drone over the Collesseum. Now, back in L.A., it looks like Jake just couldn't let Logan sit on the throne of shenanigans for too long.

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