Jake Paul has numerous tattoos, with some being a bit more … amusing than others. The social media star first started off his ink collection with some tattoos he received as a part of a dare or a YouTube challenge. However, he’s since started to get larger, and more meaningful body art pieces.

What Are Jake Paul’s Tattoos? A Guide

One of his latest tattoos was the one he got following his wrestling win over Ben Askren. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler received a tattoo of a tiger with three butterflies on it, just above his ear.

Additionally, Jake’s largest tattoo is on his back, which shows a picture of a sword surrounded by a thicket of leaves and vines, which runs from the back of his neck to the bottom of his back. It also has a banner around it that reads “To Live Ex Die.”

He spoke about the saying in a YouTube video from 2018, where he received the large scale tat. “I’ve been saying it for a while now, ‘You live and you die by the sword.’ Kind of dark, but it’s true, like anything that’s like good in life that you live by and stuff, like you could also die from the same thing,” he explained.

“Also another reason why like, the sword on the back just like, makes sense because I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times in my life,” he added.

Another meaningful tattoo he’s received is located on the right side of his stomach, along his ribs. The lines start with a few Chinese characters and then read, “FOR LOYALTY “HUMAN 656″ CLEVELAND, OHIO USA c.1997.”

That particular ink has a pretty clear meaning: it’s a tribute to himself and the place where he grew up, as the star was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1997.

Jake also has multiple matching tattoos that he’s received as dares or for YouTube videos. One specific matching tat is the word “GOAT” that is located on his thigh, meaning “Greatest of All Time,” which he received with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell back in 2018.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of all of Jake’s tattoos and the meanings behind the ink.

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