OMG, you guys. Jake Paul just got real about why Team 10 came to end in his latest YouTube video. According to the 22-year-old YouTube star, there are several reasons the group disbanded, but one of the biggest reasons was that he had trouble connecting with some of the members on a personal level.

“A lot of the reason Team 10 fell apart is because I wasn’t able to connect with a lot of the members as people,” he said. “And so I didn’t understand or wasn’t able to judge whether they were good people or not.”

The vlogger went on to explain that he got started in the business at a super young age, so he just wasn’t able to handle all of the difficulties and challenges that came his way.

“I also wasn’t mature enough to understand feelings and love and emotions and stuff like that because I just got looped into business when I was 16 years old,” the YouTuber said. “And that’s where there was kind of a disconnect with a lot of the Team 10 members and even, like, my best friend Chance [Sutton], for example. It was just this weird thing for all of us to get used to and we weren’t able to get used to it.”

You may also remember that the “Its Everyday Bro” singer was in the process of creating Jake Paul Uncut, which was supposed to be an honest video series about the many controversies and lawsuits that Jake and his friends got caught up in. Unfortunately, he revealed that it’s not happening anymore because the other members of the team didn’t want all their dirty laundry aired out on the internet.

“A lot of the parties involved didn’t want to have that much realness, or that much content about their lives on social media because they wanted to live their lives off of social media, which I totally understand,” the Team 10 founder said. “And there’s just two sides of the spectrum because, obviously that’s super important, like, having that real life off camera, but the other side of the spectrum is like, this is our lives. We are on social media. This is who we are as people.”

The internet personality went on to explain that, while he could’ve released the footage without anyone’s consent, he instead decided not to because it would only stir up even more drama. And as we all know, more drama is exactly the opposite of what he needs.

“That would’ve definitely caused a lot of controversy and it’s something that I had to bite the bullet on,” he said. “It’s something that I always have to bite the bullet on in situations where Jake Paul can get into a controversy because I’m always the bigger artist. I’m always the bigger YouTuber. I’m always the bigger name in press, and so I will always take the bigger loss”

So, where does Team 10 stand right now? We’re so glad you asked! According to Jake, he’s been busy working on creating the new Team 10, and he wants fans to know that it’ll be even bigger and better than the original.

“We are working on a new Team 10, guys. We’re still figuring it out. It’s still very early stages, but I love Team 10. It’s a genius idea. It creates such an amazing vibe in the videos and I want to bring that vibe back. And know that when I do bring it back it’s going to be better than ever.”

Aside from creating yet another social media squad, though, there’s one other thing he’s working on, and it’s figuring out how he feels about his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell. The YouTuber addressed a fan question about whether he misses her, and it’s pretty clear that, on some level, he still has some intense feelings for the model.

“Of course. It was good seeing her at the Super Bowl,” Jake said. “When you love someone, at least for me, there’s a part of you that will always love them, so yeah, I do.”

Well, it seems to us that the internet star has a lot of stuff to figure out, and as always, we can’t wait to watch him do it every step of the way. Good luck, Jake!

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