The Fosters fans were shocked when Jake T. Austin announced he was leaving the show before its third season, but his character isn't going anywhere — he's just being recast! The producers of the ABC Family drama confirm that his character Jesus will be still be on the show, but played by a different actor.

While we don't know who will replace Jake (and the creators don't know either), we're pretty shocked that they're bringing in a whole new guy to play his character.


"The announcement [about who it is] will be forthcoming, but right now [Jesus] is at boarding school wrestling to his heart's content and we'll be checking in with him. It'll be a little while [before we see him]," executive producer Peter Paige told TV Guide.

After the news broke, he posted a photo of himself. And he looks pretty happy! It seems like he's dealing with the recasting well.

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Are you surprised Jake T. Austin has been recast? Who do you think will replace him? Let us know in the comments!

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