Jake T. Austin had a Q&A with his fans on Twitter just last week in commemoration of the fifth year anniversary since the last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place aired on Disney Channel. During the exchange with his fans, he revealed so much about himself like the fact that he loves Selena Gomez and what his New Year's resolution is but he failed to mention that he was in the middle of writing a book!

In his latest Instagram post, he shared a photo of his laptop screen which showed a word document with his writing. In the caption he wrote: "I think it's time to finally share my story with you guys. #TheBookOfJake #comingsoon."

While it is almost impossible to read the text with the naked eye, we did a little zooming in action and the beginning read: "Text: forest ~ Secluded Darkness as far as the eye can see. A light snow falls, canvassing the floor of the woodland with a thin sheet of white. An ominous …followed by the thunderous ROAR OF AN ENGINE, HEADLIGHTS crash on. The arm of a miniature bulldozer lowers into…"

Woah! Who knew he had it in him? Perhaps all that snow talk came after he was inspired by his surroundings since he has been sharing photos of himself in the woods covered by snow and even cabin photos.

jake t austin book

He wrote in the caption: "First pic of the New Year ?"

jake t austin book

He has been teasing his plans for 2017 all over Twitter and saying he has a new project that he is working on, and since the bottom of his writing says "Screen" perhaps he is preparing a screenplay for a TV show or movie. Can it possibly be a Wizards reunion Selena was talking about recently?

Fans would love for that to happen and there has been plenty of talk about this in the past week.

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