YouTuber James Charles is out here begging fans for some boundaries. The makeup artist, who is a beloved member of the Sister Squad (along with his friends Ethan DolanGrayson Dolan, and Emma Chamberlain), ran into some trouble when fans came to his house to meet him. James explained on Twitter that fans are coming to his Los Angeles home, which he feels is disrespectful and scary. So the 19-year-old makeup guru took to Twitter to let fans know that he needs some privacy.

He wrote, “please stop showing up at my house. i will not hug you, i will not take a photo with you, and i absolutely will not sign your palette. it is extremely disrespectful & makes me feel very unsafe in my own home. respect people’s privacy, it’s really not that hard.”

He then aded, “I am so annoyed. I was supposed to be done filming hours ago and now I can’t even focus.”

YouTube star Jackie Ania, AKA La Bronze James, chimed in too, asking, “how’d people find it?” – to which James replied, “I don’t know dude but I’m so upset.”

Former Team 10 member Alissa Violet, who is now a member of the Clout Gang, even invited the star to live in The Clout House. “Come move into the clout house,” she wrote to James on Twitter. His response? “When are u inviting me over sis.”

Now, don’t get him wrong! Based on the looks of James’ social media, he seems to be more than happy to meet fans at events or out in public.

With more than 11 million YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers, James sure does have a huge fanbase. And while he’s super open on social media, he wants fans to know that doesn’t mean he’s inviting everyone onto his property. We hope both James and his fans remember to stay safe!

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