We get it — it’s annoying when YouTube videos get interrupted by several ads for products you have little to no interest in. From a creator’s perspective, however, it’s easy to understand why they would load their videos up with advertisements. We mean, they have to make a living somehow, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is as understanding as we are, and beauty guru James Charles had no choice but to clap back after one of his followers shaded him for placing six ads in a 24-minute-long video.

“JAMES. SISTER. SIX ADS IN A 24 min video. PLEASE. STOP,” the fan tweeted. “Girl I know you gotta make that money but maybe 2-3 for 24 mins idk, I’m tired of ads being the new transition. @jamescharles you have so many sister subs that I feel you out of most don’t need that many ads #sistersad.”

In response, the 19-year-old makeup artist threw some shade at the fan, asking her to quit complaining about ads — especially since people have to ability to skip through most of them, unlike TV shows.

“6 ads on a 30 minute YouTube video equals roughly 4 minutes of ads (which you can usually skip!, and which YouTube takes a HUGE % of), but a 30 minute TV show has 8 minutes of non-skippable ads and no one questions it,” he wrote. “Please stop complaining when YouTubers recognize their worth.” Ouch!

Honestly, we totally understand that person’s frustration. After all, we’ve all watched videos that skip to ads once the content starts getting really good, and TBH, it gets old really fast. Still, we completely get why James puts as many ads in his videos as he does. Like he said, YouTube winds up taking an enormous percentage of his ad revenue. Plus, it’s not like some pesky ads are going to stop his legion of 15 million sisters strong from watching his videos from beginning to end.

What do you think? Does James overdo it with the advertisements, or are they just par for the course? Regardless, there’s no denying that he’s constantly uploading quality content, so even with the ads, we’re planning on sister sticking by his side. After all, isn’t that what sisters do?

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