After a super successful first season on YouTube, James Charles‘ reality show Instant Influencer is returning for a second season! Yep, the makeup mogul revealed the exciting news to fans during a brand new video uploaded to his channel on Tuesday, June 23.

For those who missed it, during a completely unedited makeup tutorial, the newly 21-year-old said that the competition show was his “favorite, biggest accomplishment, probably of his entire career,” before dropping the bomb on viewers.

“Discussions for Season 2 have already started right now so… Spoiler alert! It’s coming,” he said before answering some fan questions about the series.

When one person asked if there’s anything James would change for Season 2, he responded with, “Oh my God, so many things.”

“The show was amazing. It was so entertaining, we were so proud of it, obviously it was such a positive thing for the community and the artists involved and for us. But, in comparison to what we wanted to do for Season 1, the show was awful. Wait. How do I say this… No, the show wasn’t awful,” he explained. “Basically, like, we had so many hopes and dreams of what we wanted the show to be like for Season 1, but because it was a Season 1, we weren’t able to make a lot of those things happen. So, if you guys thought that the show was good it would have actually been 18 billion times better had we been able to make those things happen.”

James continued, “We just weren’t able to make it happen because it’s Season 1, budgets… There’s a lot of things that go into making a show, it’s not as easy as just an idea and it happens. There’s a lot of people involved and a lot of money involved.”

So prepare yourselves, people, because the influencer himself said that there’s some “amazing” changes coming, but sorry to say he has no plans to reveal any of the surprises just yet!

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