Let's face it. James Franco is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He's hot, he's a great actor and is a huge celebrity. What more could a girl want? But, apparently, he's more like his Spring Breakers character than fans would like to think. James actually admitted that he is very self-absorbed which is the reason he hasn't been in a relationship for six years because of it. Sorry, WHAT. This is something no one expected.

James recently chatted with GQ Australia and said, "I really had a moment of crisis, I hit a wall. It was a gradual thing. I hadn’t been in a relationship in a long time and was, like, realizing how much I was running from feelings and people. And how much of my identity was wrapped up in work."

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He continued, "I’ll say this, I was a person that was incapable of settling down with anyone because I was so self-consumed before. I was incapable of sharing my heart with anyone. I was so scared to be vulnerable that I made myself busy every minute of the day, so I had an excuse. But I didn’t realize until it started to hurt enough."

Wow! Obviously, James is super talented – we all know that. But, the extent of how he lived his life only consumed in work is something not many people realized. He said, "Being a workaholic means you’re addicted to something. And what’s underneath addiction? It’s about hiding from fear, from pain, it’s doing something to make yourself feel better. That’s exactly what I was doing and I had to really adjust my relationship to work. It’s really hard. I’m sure, like anything you’re addicted to, letting that go is difficult because it’s a coping mechanism to make you feel good."

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Finally, he's trying to set a healthy work life balance. We're hoping this allows him to find love because, seriously, isn't that what makes us all the happiest? He said he's focusing on the little things now.

"I was playing tennis today and if you looked at my life six months ago, you would never have seen me doing anything like that. What I love about things like playing tennis or learning to surf is I don’t need to be a professional at them. I can just do it because I enjoy it. Wow. What a concept!"

Who doesn't love a surfer dude? Fingers crossed he finds the right gal after all these years of riding solo.

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