Fans of the YouTube beauty community are throwing some major shade at Jeffree Star over his brand new palette. On Tuesday, February 11, the internet star uploaded a new video and revealed his highly anticipated Blood Lust collection — set to drop on February 21, 2020. After they watched the video breaking down each product, some of Jeffree’s biggest fans voiced their concerns over the palette and called the eyeshadow shades ‘boring.’

“I thought there were going to be lots of dark rich purples and golds to compliment them from the packaging. This looks like the Jaw Breaker [palette’s] little sister,” one fan wrote on Twitter referring to an old Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette. Another added, “I love Jeffree & he puts out amazing products but I was disappointed in the colors of the PURPLE blood sister. I don’t think it got the color dedication the other bloods have. Wish there was more PURPLE. Also don’t think we need 3 lavenders.”

A third fan even created a digital illustration of what they wished the palette actually looked like.

Jeffree Star Responds After Fans Slam Blood Lust Palette For 'Boring' Colors

Once Jeffree caught wind the of the fans’ criticisms, he took to his Instagram Stories and set the record straight.

“I’m seeing 90% everyone is dying, gagging and living, and I’m seeing 10% ‘Jeffree, we wanted a few more purples in the palette’,” the makeup mogul said in the since-expired video. “I fully get what a lot of you are saying.”

He continued, “I wanted to make a palette that could complement any pink, any purple, any magenta, and fuchsia look. And I think maybe the photography is translating a little light on a few of the shades but when you see them all in person and you touch them, and the shifts and the metallic and the lavenders… b***h, it’s everything I dreamed of.”

Despite what the critics said, Jeffree seemed to be happy with his Blood Lust collection. After he addressed the backlash, the YouTuber also teased future 2020 releases.

“I didn’t want to go full dark goth. I know some of you were maybe expecting that but if you want a crazy goth moment… get ready for the next palette after this one,” Jeffree said.

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