Grab the popcorn and get ready for more drama because there’s another fight in the YouTube beauty community. This time the two major players are Jeffree Star and Michelle Dy.

On Tuesday, October 29, a fan took to Twitter asking Jeffree for an honest review of the beauty guru’s soon-to-be released cosmetics line, Michelle Dy Basics. The 33-year-old makeup artist responded to the tweet, reigniting the feud.

I don’t have time to review trash on my channel!” he wrote on Twitter.

Michelle clapped back to the YouTube star with tweets of her own.

“I’m good luv, enjoy,” she wrote initially. Then went on to say, “Call me trash all you want, but not the products which not just i, but a lot of people worked hard for. If it didnt pass your standards, I cannot do anything about that. But one thing is for sure, I worked hard, poured my heart and 100% into it and I am proud of it.”


This isn’t the first fight between these two! Their longtime feud began last year after Michelle launched a series on her YouTube channel testing different makeup lines and “approving” products. Once Jeffree caught wind of this, he called Michelle out via Snapchat for copying his “Jeffree Star Approved” videos.

“So there is a YouTuber who is not known here in America, but they recently tried to steal my ‘approved’ — trademarked — whole entire series and do it on their channel,” he said in August 2018. “I’m like, I know I didn’t invent the word approved but girl, that’s been my thing for two years now.”

Michelle then apologized via Twitter, seemingly ending the feud until now.

As fans know, this isn’t the only feud going on in the YouTube beauty community. There is major speculation that there is bad blood between Jeffree and Tati Westbrook after he unfollowed her on Instagram. Can someone say drama?!

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