Fans are not happy with Jeffree Star‘s latest photo shoot. To go along with his recently announced Blood Lust palette, the YouTuber revamped his Jeffree Star Cosmetics line complete with new pictures promoting the makeup line. The never-before-seen images showed Jeffree sitting on a throne wearing a wig with purple-tinged dreadlocks and laid edges. He quickly received backlash from followers who accused him of cultural appropriation after wearing the wig.

Fellow beauty YouTuber who goes by the name Jen Luvs Reviews, called Jeffree out for his actions on Twitter.

“Even if you don’t get it, even if you think it’s silly…If you KNOW that something you do is going to upset people of another culture, just DON’T DO IT. You don’t HAVE to understand. You not understanding is irrelevant. You don’t have to understand to be kind and respectful,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of his photoshoot.

Another Twitter user added, “If JS was really a changed person like he claimed, his actions would match his words. He KNOWS his reputation & if he cared about not being labeled a racist, he would be careful to avoid situations like this. Use another hairstyle it’s not that hard.”

They continued, “To clarify the issue is the combination of the laid edges AND the dreads together. Most of the backlash I have seen has been because of the edges more than the dreads. Laying edges in this style is unique to Black hairstyles so I don’t wanna hear about Nordic hairstyles.”

For those who don’t know, back in 2017 Jeffree became embroiled in a feud with Jackie Aina after he called her racist names. In September 2018, Jackie took to Twitter, posted a letter addressed to Jeffree and spoke out about his actions, which she believed to be racist. Jeffree never responded to her letter.

Jeffree has also failed to respond to the current Blood Lust backlash. Instead, the escalated the criticisms further. On Sunday, February 16, the backlash and criticism increased when he took to Instagram Stories and posted a series of videos of himself with his hair in cornrows. Fans on social media called out this hairstyle too.

“You know he’s seen the comments about his photoshoot hairstyle (bc he’s been blocking people) and instead of saying anything about it he posts this,” someone wrote alongside a screenshot of his Instagram Stories. “You cannot continue to do things like this and expect people to believe you’ve changed.”

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