YouTuber Jeffree Star has a lot to say about Huda Beauty‘s newly announced pastel palettes. He called out fellow beauty vlogger Huda Kattan on Monday, February 24, for allegedly copying ColourPop Cosmetics‘ previously released pastel collection to create her own upcoming pastel eyeshadow palettes.

For those who missed it, Huda took to Instagram and teased the upcoming collection with a series of Instagram stories showing off her Mint, Rose and Lilac mini palettes — set to be released on March 1, 2020.

Jeffree Star Accuses Huda Beauty Of Copying Colourpop's Pastel Palettes

After he saw the new beauty products announcement on social media, Jeffree called out Huda for seemingly copying another brand’s palettes.

“Hey [ColourPop Cosmetics] loving your new collection!!! Congrats!!!” he wrote in a since-deleted comment, which was screenshotted by fans and reposted on an Instagram account called Tea Spill.

Jeffree Star Accuses Huda Beauty Of Copying Colourpop's Pastel Palettes

Naturally, fans were shook and many investigated the similarities between the two makeup lines. Both Huda Beauty and ColourPop’s pastel palettes are considered “mini” and both include nine shades. While Huda’s are named for the shades included in the palette, ColourPop has the “Mint to Be,” “Baby Got Peach” and “Lilac You a Lot” palettes.

Jeffree Star Accuses Huda Beauty Of Copying Colourpop's Pastel Palettes

Some fans immediately agreed with Jeffree and saw the similarities between the two makeup lines.

“Sorry to say these are almost identical to the ColourPop palettes but more than double the price,” one fan said on Instagram. Another added, “These are super cute but the ColourPop mint and lilac palettes are basically the same but cheaper.”

Others disagreed and were excited for Huda Beauty’s new products.

“For all saying ColourPop did it first…ColourPop didn’t invent pastels,” someone wrote. “Also, I like ColourPop but I can promise you these shadows will be 100% better. Her eyeshadow formula in my opinion is out of this world.”

Another Huda fan said, “I don’t get the hate for these, I think they’re SO cute and less monochromatic than the ColourPop palettes that people are saying are the same!”

Huda has yet to respond to Jeffree’s recent claim.

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Jeffree called out Huda Beauty on social media for allegedly copying from another beauty brand. Back in a July 2018 YouTube video, he accused Huda of copying Beauty Bakerie’s setting powder campaign after she posted similar images for her own Huda Easy Bake setting powder.

“I’m all for people being inspired by other brands but when you literally steal the exact concept and photoshoot from a indie brand – how do you sleep at night?” Jeffree said at the time. He then posted screenshots of an Instagram direct message conversation the two beauty gurus had at the time. According to screenshots, Huda did not acknowledge or respond to Jeffree’s claim, but asked to “clarify things” between them.

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