YouTuber Jeffree Star has set the record straight about his love life. In a new video uploaded to his channel on Sunday, February 16, the YouTube star addressed rumors that he’s dating fellow makeup artist MMMMitchell — whose real name is Mitchell Halliday.

Rumors started swirling within the beauty community that the two were an item after fans noticed both Jeffree and Mitchell posted similar, since-expired images of the same sunrise to their respective Instagram Stories. Some people started to speculate that the images meant the internet stars had spent the night together now that Jeffree is single.

For those who missed it, in January 2020, the YouTuber announced, in a tear-filled video. that he and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt had split after five years together. Since the breakup, Jeffree has revealed to fans via social media that he’s living his “best life” with friends, so a new relationship would have come as no surprise.

However, despite the rumors and frequent hang-out sessions with Mitchell, both makeup artists have assured fans that they are not in a relationship.

“We were just watching all of our videos that we’ve ever filmed together,” Jeffree said in his recently released YouTube video. “And we’re having a laugh today because MMMMitchell is here in town in LA — he’s staying at my house —”

“In a separate room!” MMMMitchell interrupted, seemingly addressing the dating rumors.

The pair then addressed the sunrise photos on Instagram Stories.

“So MMMMitchell and I were watching the sun RISE not the sun SET and for some reason, a few channels and news sites popped up, ‘Is this Jeffree’s rebound?'” Jeffree said before telling viewers that he’s still not ready for a new relationship. “All jokes aside, the last thing I’m trying to do right now is be in a relationship with anyone. Me and MMMMitchell are really close friends.”

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