It looks like Jeffree Star is really over scammers. The YouTuber just took to Twitter to slam people who tried to trick his fans into giving them money, and his response was everything!

For those who missed it, the makeup mogul asked people who were struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic to send him their CashApp usernames on Tuesday, May 12, so that he could help them out and send them some money.

But when some of his followers replied to him and claimed that scammers had asked for their bank account numbers in an attempt to steal money, he was not amused!

Dear ANYONE trying to scam people during these horrible times: There is a special place in hell for you. That behavior is NOT #JeffreeStarApproved,” he wrote.

“I’m so sorry that happened!” the 34-year-old told a fan who claimed she had been scammed.

Giving back is my favorite thing to do. Thank you everyone for always keeping me inspired to keep going. I’ve reached by @CashApp limit today and will be doing this again next week!” he added in another tweet.

As fans know, the beauty guru’s messages come just weeks after he was accused of not following social distancing guidelines during the outbreak. Yep, the influencer came under fire on April 15, 2020, after he shared a snap of him and his social media manager Kammi hanging out during the quarantine, but he quickly set the record straight.

“Kammi runs all social media for #JeffreeStarCosmetics and has been living at my house for weeks temporarily,” he fired back in a now-deleted tweet. “She is all alone and her family and single mom are all in New Jersey, please go judge someone else because you don’t know what’s happening in my house.”

And when one fan responded, “He lives in a castle guys… You really think he’s living there alone?” the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder added, “Exactly… I think people don’t understand that my family and employees don’t want to be famous or be on social media, so I don’t talk about them or show them and I get how it looked, just wanted to clarify who Kammi was!”

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