Sorry, guys, but it sounds like Jenna Marbles has no plans to return to YouTube in the near future. For those who missed it, the internet star — whose real name is Jenna Mourey — recently announced her decision to quit YouTube following backlash from past, resurfaced seemingly racist videos. Now, it seems like Jenna may stay offline “forever.”

During a recent livestream the internet star’s longtime boyfriend, Julien Solomita, gave fans an update after they showed major concern for the YouTuber.

“Jenna is offline,” he revealed. “She is not on the internet. And, as she announced in her video, she doesn’t know if that’s gonna be forever. Could be a month, could be six months. Could be forever.”

He continued, “I know a lot of you guys are curious and concerned where she is and what she’s doing, and how she is. She appreciates the concern. She really does. She is offline right now. She is not gonna be making videos. She’s not gonna be on stream.”

In a since-deleted, 11-minute, emotional message posted in June, the creator — who has posted on the video streaming platform for over 10 years — told viewers she has decided to “move on” from her channel. The 33-year-old also apologized for her past “problematic” videos, which have since “almost all” been deleted, and explained that she wants to step away because “we’re at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic.”

Past videos that came under fire included one which showed her appearing to shame women who “ran around and slept around,” a music video with lyrics seemingly mocking Asian people and a clip of her dressing up as Nicki Minaj — in which she was accused of blackface.

“I do just want to tell you that it was not my intention to do blackface,” she explained in the new video. “I don’t know how else to say this, but it doesn’t matter because all that matters is that people were offended and it hurt them. For that, I am so unbelievably sorry. This isn’t okay and it hasn’t existed on the Internet for a long time because it’s not okay.”

Jenna concluded with a goodbye message to fans.

“Hopefully, I’ve taken down anything that might upset someone,” she said. “I think I’m just going to move on from this channel for now. I don’t know if that’s forever. I don’t know how long it’s going to be. I want to make sure that the things that I put into the world are not hurting anyone.”

She then added, “I want to hold myself accountable, and it’s painful to do it. It’s not fun and it hurts. I’m ashamed of things I’ve done and said in my past.”

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