Growing up in the public eye has made Jenna Ortega a major icon — especially when it comes to her fashion choices. She got her start as a Disney Channel star and has since made a major name for herself with more adult roles.

“It’s weird because I’m having that internal existential crisis because I’m turning 20 soon, and I’m no longer going to be a teenager,” the Wednesday star told WhoWhatWear in October 2022. “It’s freaking me out because I do partially feel like I wasted my teenage years or could’ve been better about them — to be completely vulnerable and honest.”

Looking back at the early days in the spotlight, Jenna said she took herself “too seriously or was unable to relax,” but has started to change as she matures.

“That’s the beauty of growing up because you’re going to make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of things wrong,” the Netflix star shared. “I’m definitely a pessimist, but I’m trying to be more optimistic about the fact that there’s much more to be learned, and I want to learn it all.”

Along with leaving her teenage years behind came more adult fashion moments for Jenna, some of which were channeled with her Wednesday character, Wednesday Addams.

“I would like to think that every character I play, I take a bit of them with me too,” the Bizaardvark alum told Allure in January 2022. “I’m filming this show called Wednesday, in which I play Wednesday Addams. When I was doing hair and makeup tests with Tim Burton, they put fake bangs pieces on my face. I told the hair and makeup artist that day, ‘Could you just give me a real fringe?’ I got a taste of it and I decided that was what I wanted to look like. It stuck. I didn’t realize how much I like the color black and I didn’t realize how much I like white button-ups, but it’s become a thing.”

Her Wednesday looks have also started to become red carpet staples. Since embodying the iconic character, Jenna has been rocking tons of black looks while attending events.

Scroll through our gallery to see the Disney Channel alum’s red carpet evolution over the years. 

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