She only needed 37 minutes to write a song that would change her career! Jenna Raine may have some experience in the music industry, but everything changed for the 18-year-songstress when her single “See You Later (Ten Years)” blew up on TikTok following its September 2021 release.

To keep herself busy amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Jenna told her TikTok followers that she planned to “write 100 songs in a year” and asked them for help.

“I was about to write song 45 [out of] 100 and a girl commented asking me to write about the ‘right person, wrong time.’ I sat on the piano and started a voice memo which ended at 37 minutes,” Jenna told J-14 exclusively while promoting a three-song collection, which was released on February 11. The Texas native went on to call her “See You Later (Ten Years)” single “one of the easiest songs” she had ever written because of her familiarity with “right person, wrong time.”

Jenna Raine Reflects on Her Music Career While Looking Forward to 'Exciting' New Era
Jenna Raine/Instagram

Delving deeper into the song’s meaning, Jenna looked back at the beginning of her relationship with her current boyfriend.

“People always told me to move on and find someone better, but I truly had already met the best guy in the whole world,” she shared. “Nothing was wrong except for the timing, and now we have been officially dating for two years.”

In a second version of “See You Later (Ten Years),” Jenna got a chance to work alongside fellow musician JVKE, which she called “one of the best experiences I’ve had working with another artist.” She gushed, “He is so beyond talented” and teased possible other collaborations together in the future.

When it comes to her future, Jenna is more than ready to make more music that helps her “stay true” to herself.

“This is a very exciting time for me as an artist. Quarantine gave me the chance to sit down and write by myself,” the singer explained. “Honestly, I don’t think I was able to start developing my own sound until I was alone in a room with my own creativity. Investing this time in my craft really helped me mature as an artist. It also gave me the confidence I needed to voice my opinion — without fear — when I’m in a session with other writers.”

Other than music, Jenna also has plans to continue her budding acting career.

“My biggest dream as an actress is to book a role in a film like La La Land,” she shared. “I have always wanted to showcase my vocal performance through acting and make people feel something through the lyrics and my storytelling.”

With so many exciting things to look forward to, the singer-songwriter shared with J-14 the message that she would go back and tell her younger self.

“That my opinion matters. Nobody can speak for your generation like you can,” she said. “Don’t try to be the artist they are telling you to be. Be yourself so you feel comfortable in your own skin. Who cares if you wear sweatpants.”

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