iCarly star Jennette McCurdy just shared a super scandalous kissing picture on Instagram and her fans are super confused by it. The actress didn't caption the photo and she also didn't tag any of the other people in it which left people guessing what was really going on.

Here is the photo in question.

jennette kissing pic

OMG! After a little bit of researching, we've found out that the guy to the left in the plaid shirt is Jennette's bestie, Colton Tran. As for the guy in the back of the three-way kiss, that's still unclear. Regardless, it looks like they all had a freaking blast at what seems to be the Los Angeles county fair!

Some fans were a bit upset by the photo and others had no problem expressing their opinion that Jennette is allowed to make her own decisions and post whatever she likes. Here's a few fan reactions that felt extra passionate about the whole thing!

jennette 1

jennette 2

jennette 3

jennette 4

What was YOUR reaction to the picture? Let us know in the comments below!

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