Back in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence felt completely violated of her privacy because of one man's actions and now she's getting sweet revenge.

Edward Majerczyk hacked into over 30 celebrities private accounts online, including J.Law, pretending to be an internet service provider. He asked for their usernames and passwords which were ultimately handed to him. Then, he had everything he wanted right at his fingertips. Edward had access to all of their private information including very personal photographs and videos that should have never been leaked online.

Finally, he has been charged. Edward will spend nine months in prison and is also ordered to pay $5,700 in fees for an undisclosed celebrity who had to attend therapy after this all went down. The maximum punishment for this kind of crime is five years in jail.

Edward's attorney claimed that during the time of this whole scheme, he was suffering from depression and turned to things he may not have otherwise. Since the hacking, Edward has reportedly been having panic attacks and anxiety.

However, we must really focus on what's actually happening here. This man did something illegal. While it can be unsettling to be called out in the public eye, it was absolutely traumatizing for the celebrities who had to endure this pain and embarrassment of having their private photos and videos leaked to the world.

This is not something that anyone should have to go through. Even though these people may put their lives out there for others to see, that in no way means they should be violated because of it. It's really sad and awful that they were subjected to this just because of their fame and their careers.

Hopefully now that Edward has been charged and sentenced, these celebrities who were victims of this crime can have some peace of mind and move on.

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