As TikTok fans know, on June 15, the Hype House members were seriously not happy after a group of fans and their mom allegedly snuck into the influencer squad’s old mansion and filmed the entire thing. Now, one of the girls, Roselie Arritola‘s (who’s known online as Jenny Popach) has seemingly started her own content house called The Blok LA.

For those who missed it, in a series of since-deleted videos — that were reposted on Instagram account TikTok Room — Jenny, some friends and her mom — whose name is Maria Ulacia —  filmed clips in the old Hype House that went viral on June 12. They also alleged that they were moving in to form the “Junior Hype House,” and get this — they even tried on some of Chase Hudson‘s clothes that were left behind. Not long after the Hype House members spoke out about the alleged break in, Maria took to her own TikTok account, which has since gone private, and claimed the influencers were “lying” about the entire situation. She also claimed that they were “allowed” inside the home by a caretaker.

The Hype House stayed quiet after Maria’s social media statements, but their management did previously tell Insider, “We have turned the full investigation over to law enforcement and will follow their lead regarding next steps and holding the appropriate individuals accountable for their actions.”

Now, a month after the break in scandal, fans started to notice Jenny posting TikTok video with her friends on an account called The Blok LA. The account has since racked up over 24,000 followers, and videos on it feature 14-year-old dance sensation Prymrr LoBasso. It’s currently unclear whether or not they’re moving into a house like other TikTok squads — Hype House, Sway House and Clubhouse — have in the past, but the girls have been promoting the squad on their social media and have even included it in their Instagram bios.

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