Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche broke up in 2016 and they are still reeling from the pain today.

Jake's mom actually confirmed the split explaining that they are so young and were under so much pressure to tie the knot that things got messy. The whole thing seems super upsetting and now Jesy has finally started opening up about her broken relationship.

The Little Mix star chatted with Z100 and said, "When you break up with someone, it's awful. Is it not one of the worst pains? It's horrendous and we all need a sad song that you sit and cry to. At the end of the day, though, you need something that makes you feel empowered … that makes you think, 'You know what I don't need you anymore. I'm going to go out with my girls and I'm going to get over you because I don't need you.' And that's exactly what "Shout Out To My Ex" does."

LM's newest hit single "Shout Out To My Ex" is a freaking jam, whether or not you're going through a break up. It's crazy inspiring. The song is speculated to be about Perrie Edwards' ex-fiance Zayn Malik but that's never been confirmed.

However, listening to the lyrics, it would make perfect sense. It seems like now Jesy is leaning on the song in the wake of her split which just goes to show that the track is universal!

Even during one of the most vulnerable times of her life, Jesy knows she's still in the spotlight – with or without Jake by her side. She said, "I think you have to learn to have a thick skin. I think it comes with being in a girl band and being an artist. People want to know what you're doing and what you're up to, which is fine with us…We have each other luckily, so we experience everything together and we've always got each other's backs."


This is the first time that Jesy has openly spoken about the ordeal. While fans have given her space and time to cope, it's pretty amazing how she's able to open up and talk about the experience. It just goes to show what an amazing group of girls Little Mix is to fall back on when your love life takes a wrong turn!

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