Having a so-so day? Jiff the Pomeranian will change that! Jiff remains one of Instagram's most precious celebrity dogs. It's impossible not to look at him and break out into a smile. In fact, he's so renowned for his cuteness that he's made plenty of loyal followers and famous friends along the way.

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In terms of career achievements, we'd argue that Jiff's biggest moment was when he stole the attention away from Katy Perry in the video for "Dark Horse." But she's just the beginning: everyone from JoJo Siwa to Shawn Mendes to Victoria Justice is absolutely obsessed. And we'll admit it, even when the pup gets extra extra with all those #Selfie beanies and rainbow heart-shaped glasses, we can't help but be obsessed, too! So in honor of National Dog Day (and/or simply because we could def use a pick-me-up), you should have yourself a healthy dose of JiffPom!

Click through the gallery to see 14 of his cutest moments that are practically guaranteed to brighten your day!

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