It’s an exciting day for BTS fans because Jimin just released his much-anticipated solo single, and OMG… we cannot stop listening!

The 23-year-old shared the news through the BTS Twitter account on Sunday, Dec. 30, and naturally, fans are freaking out. “Everyone, you waited a while, right? Finally, I am revealing my self-composed song,” he wrote in Korean, which Twitter user @learnkoreanpop translated. “It is a song made for me, but it’s also a song made for you. Though this is my first time and a work of an amateur, I hope you enjoy listening (to this song). Thank you Army for waiting.”

The song, called “Promise,” is a gorgeous, acoustic ballad and Jimin’s sultry voice gives us chills every time we play it. It was produced by Slow Rabbit, who, as BTS fans know, has produced a bunch of the group’s songs — including “So Far Away,” “Come Back Home,” and “Save ME.”

“I sit alone, slumped down / And I break myself down with these thoughts / When did you start to hurt me? / Even you don’t know,” the lyrics read. “You’re hurting too because you’re mine / I just want to blow your mind / You’re only drifting further away like this / I say that it’s all okay / The truth is, it doesn’t seem so.”

OMG… We wonder who it’s about! “I want you to be your light baby / You should be your light / So you won’t be hurting anymore, so you can smile more / I want you to be your night baby / You could be your night / So the night can be more honest with you,” the song continues. “Now promise me / Several times a day / Even if you feel it yourself / Don’t leave yourself / Stop for a moment here / Intertwine our pinkies / And promise me now.”

Regardless of who the song is written about, the lyrics are pretty powerful and they’ve inspired a lot of fans. “I promise to love my self more way more than before,” one fan tweeted alongside a photo of her making a pinky promise.

“I promise never to give up. I promise to become a better person. I promise not to lose myself,” another fan wrote. “I promise that I will return the love that I receive. I promise that I will always be near.”

We are seriously loving the message behind Jimin’s new song!

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