Everyone knows that Joe Jonas does not hold back when it comes to making fun of himself. The DNCE front man is notorious for cracking a few jokes at his own expense on social media, especially when it comes to that side swept hair he rocked when both the Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock were on the tips of everyone’s tongues.

That part of his personality hasn’t changed in 2018, and after realizing that his Camp Rock character, Shane Gray had a twin out there — well, the “Cake By the Ocean” singer couldn’t help but share the hilarious findings with all of his followers on Twitter.

It all started with a tweet that had a picture of a character named Ryan from a Barbie animated series alongside one of Joe as he rocked Shane’s infamous leather jacket, and flat ironed hair. The “Body Moves” singer then tweeted out, “This Barbie character reminds me of someone… ??.”

LOL! So there’s no denying that the resemblance is uncanny. The two looks like total twins. Obviously this Ryan character was inspired by Shane, but can he sing and dance as well as the guy who stole Mitchie’s heart in the now classic and unforgettable DCOM? That’s something we need to know because having those two skills locked down would definitely have us and other viewers out there assuming that Shane and Ryan were somehow separated at birth.

Okay, so there’s no way that actually could have happened obviously this is all pretty hilarious, but we have so many other unanswered questions. Like firstly, why was Joe watching a Barbie animated series in the first place? Was he on uncle duty with his two nieces? Or did he come across the show and keep watching for fun? We need these very important questions answered, Joe!

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