Jojo Siwa's dog BowBow is an icon. This former Dance Moms star is a crazy pup mama — and it's no secret! When Jojo isn't managing her super successful bow business or pirouetting at the dance studio, she's likely at home, giving all her love to her adorable doggy, aptly named after Jojo's bow-obsession-turned-business, BowBow.

"I’m a dorky dog mom but I love it," Jojo admitted on Instagram.

Jojo's sweet little dog frequently makes an appearance on the 14-year-old star's Instagram and YouTube channel, but BowBow is a star in her own right. BowBow has her own Instagram account, @itsbowbowsiwa, from which she entertains her 1 million followers with super cute pics of herself wearing pink sweaters and of course, huge bows.

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And now that BowBow just had a birthday — complete with a special b-day shoutout from her dog mama, Jojo — fans want to know now more than ever as much as they can about the Siwa family terrier. Keep reading to find out more about BowBow!

What kind of dog is Jojo Siwa's dog?

BowBow is a teacup Yorkie. She was only one pound when Jojo got her in January 12, 2016 and now, she's fully grown and won't get any bigger.

Where did Jojo get BowBow from?

Though BowBow is constantly with Jojo and they do everything together — both on and off the set — it's still not known where Jojo got her pup from. Since BowBow is a teacup Yorkie, Jojo could have gotten her from either a breeder or a store, though it's unlikely BowBow was adopted.

Can BowBow do any tricks?

Actually, BowBow has quite the list of tricks up her paws. Not only can BowBow sit but she can also give a high-five and roll over! How's that for impressive?

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Does Jojo have any other dogs?

Yes — two! Their names are Coco and Lulu, and they're older than BowBow. She clearly has a thing for two-syllable names!

But BowBow is pretty much her only pup that transcended to this level of fame — so famous, in fact, that you can even buy a BowBow the Dog Plush Pillow Buddy to snuggle on your own.

bowbow dog pillow

Where to buy: $24.99, Amazon

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