In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers' breakout self-titled album (their first with Hollywood Records), we're celebrating with a week full of JoBros features for our readers.

There's still a part of us that will never get over the breakup of the Jonas Brothers. Ok, they didn't really, like, breakup-breakup, they very much continued being brothers after they stopped being a band. And while we cross our fingers for a reunion, we can at least be grateful that the Jonases gifted us with their most magnificent family trait — their hair.

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Real talk though, the Jonas Brothers pretty much had the best hair in the game. Really dark, really thick, on occasion really curly (ahem, Nick) and really… uh, of-its-time. Ok, some of these styles are a bit questionable in 2017. But let's take a brief look back at some of the most glorious JoBros hair moments from their days as a boy band.

Kevin Jonas

kevin jonas hair

Kevin was always the sturdiest of the Jonases, so it makes sense that he typically wore his hair in somewhat bulky curls. There were a few questionable moments where he played around with a straightener and (not a wise decision) hair spray. 2006 Kevin, what's going on there, buddy? And, maybe it's us, but those gel curls from a 2008 photoshoot are never a good look on anyone. It's also worth noting that Kevin was all about that sideburn life in the late 2000s.

We have this theory that getting engaged (in the summer of 2009, you remember where you were when the news broke) to Danielle Deleasa (now Jonas) probably did wonders to Kevin and his hair. It's never achieved true greatness but it absolutely calmed down and became far less mushroom-y.

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Joe Jonas

joe jonas hair


Well, ok, at the beginning. Joe started with a humble faux hawk but quickly realized he was selling himself short and could grow that mane out into some kind of emo daydream. The transitional phase was kind of rough but look at that freaking top right photo. 2007 Joe Jonas hair is everything. He legit looks like an anime character and we are here for it.

Somewhere around 2008 Joe lost his way and went a little too straightener-happy. You gotta be careful with that, boys. The rest of 2008 sees him loosening his style juuuust a little bit. He's still working those side bangs like a champ, which was an essential life skill in that era.

2009 Joe Jonas… we don't know what's happening there.

Even though we missed those long locks, Joe looked v mature once he chopped off his hair circa 2010, but it seems like in 2012 he got a little lazy. In 2013 he was looking boyish and fine with his neat crop, although, let's face it, this hardly rings as iconic.

Nick Jonas

nick jonas hair

We say this with all the love in our heart, but Nick Jonas was basically a baby poodle in the early JoBro years.

LIKE, THE CUTEST POODLE IN THE WORLD, don't get us wrong. We're just saying that his style was tendrils upon tendrils upon tendrils, and at certain points it seemed like he was pretty much hiding in it. But then, helloooooo 2009 Nick Jonas; we don't know if he discovered some quality mousse or what, we're just loving how finely sculpted his curls looked. And take a peek at how shiny and gorgeous Nick's 2010 look is. That is some godly looking hair.

2012 should've been a giant red flag to Jonas Brothers hair, as Nick sheared his signature curls off completely. He bounced back with a dashing side-cropped look in 2013, but by the time the Jonas bubble burst in October 2013, he had gone full commando. Sob.

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