In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers' breakout self-titled album (their first with Hollywood Records), we're celebrating with a week full of JoBros features for our readers.

Oh how we miss you, Jonas Brothers. We know, we know. They're all still around, doin' their own things and whatnot. However, things were totally different back in the day when Nick, Joe and Kevin were a band – and no one could deny that. Not even the brothers themselves. In fact, over the years, the boys have grown out of their S.O.S.-singing days and moved on to their own individual lives.

Now before we go any further… we understand that "people change and promises are broken." Not only is it one of our fave Jo Bro lyrics, but it is an inevitable part of life. Just because we are super sad sometimes that the Jonas Brothers didn't live on as a band, we totally see why Nick, Kevin and Joe decided to go their separate ways professionally. However, it truly does make us laugh when we see ancient quotes from back in the day that totally contradict their current life status. Whether they were hyping up their MySpace page or swearing they'd never break up, so many of the things they said in old interviews couldn't be more irrelevant today. Now please, join us for a chuckle – through our tears, of course.

jo bros

That time they said their MySpace page was their "favorite website."

When asked what their favorite website was, the boys collectively responded, "Our MySpace page, but we do use Google a lot and we like"

It's fine – we know they meant to say

Never forget that time Joe said the Jonas Brothers would never break up.

"We always talk about solo projects, and I think for us it would never be a solo project. It would be a side project. There's no way we can just break up because, I mean, I live in the same house as them – so it would be pretty difficult," Joe said in an interview with Barbara Walters.

When they said the Jo Bros would collaborate with Justin Bieber – but like, that's not possible anymore now that they're broken up.

jonas brothers justin bieber

“He’s a good kid. We’ll do that. For sure," Nick agreed.

Unless DNCE breaks up and the Jo Bros reunite, which is v unlikely, we doubt a Justin Bieber and Jonas collab will ever occur. Besides – Nick Jonas and Bieber both dated Selena Gomez for a while, so that's a bit of a weird situation.

When Nick tried to start an Internet trend, and it never caught on.

"I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it, but I think that it would be cool if people caught on. Selfess selfies," Nick explained in an interview.

Yeah, sorry Nick. That never happened.

That time Nick said he was excited for everyone to hear the rest of their fifth album, which never even got released.

"'Poms Poms' was actually the last one to come of the bunch for the record, so I think it sort of shows the journey that we went on, and the rest of the record is something we're really proud of too and excited for people to hear," Nick said.

The boys hyped up making new music together after three years of pursuing their solo projects, only for it all to come to a screeching halt. What a tease, honestly.

RIP, purity rings.

"For us, it means that we'll treat ladies with respect – and I think just to be gentlemen and to do our best to make our mom proud," Joe told Barbara Walters.

Nick, Joe and Kevin may not wear their purity rings anymore, but we know the good values their parents taught them are instilled in them for life.

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