Nothing but laughs! According to Disney+ stars Josh Peck, Vanessa Lengies and Becca Tobin, there were a lot of funny moments on the Turner and Hooch set. The trio star as Scott, Erica and Brooke, respectively, in the streaming services new series, which is based on the 1989 movie of the same name.

“I love doing comedy. It’s always something that’s come naturally,” Josh tells J-14 exclusively of the series. “And then to have it elevated in this way of being able to add the action-adventure part of this show, and the dramatic stakes … every day I get to do a little bit of it all.”

With his role as a U.S. Marshall with a canine counterpart, the Drake and Josh alum often found himself in some pretty hairy situations that included the five French Mastiff dogs who played the role of Hooch.

“There’s a scene where Josh’s character, Scott, is cooking my character dinner,” Becca recalls while talking with J-14. “What’s written in the script is that the dog comes over and, basically, eats off the plate and, you know, licks the plate clean. So, obviously, they had to make that meal actually dog-friendly so that it wouldn’t upset the dog’s stomach. Josh and I didn’t really make that connection. We’re sitting there with the food, and Josh is, kind of, stirring it around and brings it up to his mouth.”

Josh adds, “It looked bomb, and I’m not above eating food on set. … But in this case, it was dog-friendly, which means it was gross.”

Josh Peck Recalls 'Gross' Moments Almost Eating Dog Food While Filming New Show 'Turner and Hooch'z
Disney/ Farah Nosh

Similarly, Vanessa’s funniest on-set memory also revolved around Josh and Hooch. But instead of a real dog, it involved the “animatronic Hooch,” which was used “to do some of things that you just couldn’t get a dog to do on command.”

“So, they had this animatronic Hooch sneeze in Josh’s face, and I have it on camera because I was dying,” the actress recalls. “It was so hard not to laugh and ruin the shot, but it was the feeling that you knew the sneeze was coming. Josh had to pretend like, ‘Oh, you don’t know that you’re about to get sneezed on by this dog,’ but it’s not even a dog. It’s a robot dog.”

Aside from Josh’s return to TV, Turner and Hooch also reunited Becca and Vanessa who starred on Glee together.

“It was heavenly,” Vanessa gushes about working with her BFF. Becca chimes in, “We went to Glee high school together, and then this is like our college experience. … It was really like one of those exciting moments that I’m so happy for.”

As for why fans of these stars should tune into the series? Josh says, “This show is something that like, families can sit down together and enjoy, and no one has to compromise, which is really cool.”

New episodes of Turner and Hooch premiere on Disney+ every Wednesday. 

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