… And they just keep coming. Joshua Bassett released his newest track, “I’m Sorry,” on October 21, 2022, and he does not need to apologize. This is Joshua’s not first, not second, but third surprise release in October and we are definitely not mad about it! Keep reading to uncover our lyric breakdown of “I’m Sorry.”

What Is Joshua Bassett’s ‘I’m Sorry’ About?

Well, first of all, the meaning is in the title — he’s sorry. The acoustic track beautifully plays to the crooner’s strengths and affinity for sad and longing vocals. Joshua reflects on a love affair that is long over, but questions still persist. Though sentimental and sweet, there is a real craving for closure that showcases both the HSMTMTS actor’s emotional vocal delivery and vulnerable songwriting.

The Disney star acknowledged the sudden, unconventional release of “Would You Love Me Now?” earlier in October — which premiered just weeks after his release of EP Sad Songs In a Hotel Room on September 23.

“At the end of the summer, inspiration struck me like lightning,” Joshua explained in a press release. “I found myself up at ungodly hours barely keeping up with the songs. The new music felt urgent to put out into the world. This first track – ‘would you love me now?’ – touches on how even after heartbreak and distance, there are certain people you will always find yourself asking, “What if we tried it again?”

He added, “From long lost love, broken promises, reconciliation, and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Joshua Bassett’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Lyric Breakdown

Joshua begins the song with some introspection on a past relationship. “I thought about what I would say, but I’m two years too late / I can’t imagine how you doin’ these days. Sure it wasn’t perfect back then, I’ll be first to admit, but it was better than bein’ strangers again.”

“I’m drunk too late, talking to the moon — writing songs I can’t sing to you,” he sings over a strummed guitar in the pre-chorus. “I know that I’m too late but I’ll say it anyway, I’m sorry.”

He continues to blame himself for the relationship gone wrong in the chorus. “Ever since that day, the things I didn’t say, they haunt me. I know that I’m to blame, so go ahead and blame it on me.”

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