… Did he just do that? Joshua Bassett released his latest single “She Said He Said She Said” on October 13, 2022, and … wow, he just did that! Many fans are already theorizing that the catchy tune is about Olivia Rodrigo — because why wouldn’t they be? Keep reading to uncover our lyric breakdown of “SSHSSH” here!

What Is Joshua Bassett’s ‘She Said He Said She Said’ About?

It looks like the HSMTMTS actor has entered his Reputation era. Joshua details a drama-filled night out while hanging out with someone who is stirring up rumors and false narratives about him.

In a press release following the release of “SSHSSH,” Joshua broke down the meaning of the song. “Love is messy,” he explained. “Between long-lost love, broken promises, reconciliation and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

As the song has to do with rumors, hence the “She Said He Said She Said” title, fans have a feeling this is in reference to the infamous love triangle media fiasco between Joshua, Olivia and Sabrina Carpenter in 2021. We won’t get into detail (because enough is enough) but Joshua is probably shading the many rumors, gossip and over-speculation that was created on the internet at the time.

Joshua Bassett’s ‘She Said He Said She Said’ Lyric Breakdown

Joshua first teased the song on his TikTok account on September 12 with the caption “SSHSSH.” The lyrics begin with him quietly singing “She said he said she said” twice before the first verse kicks in. “I saw you at the back of the room taking shots with your friends again.”

“You talk s–t like you always do, I guess high school never ends,” he continues. “You sure got a lot to say when you’re talkin’ on my name / You sure got a lot to say, but did you tell them everything?”

The chorus kicks off with, “Starting rumors, it’s nothing new, yeah / We’re on this s–t again, she said, he said, she said. Just can’t gеt over I let you go, yeah, lеt’s put this s–t to bed.”

The song release comes a few days after posting a hilarious TikTok seemingly hinting at his rumored ex-girlfriend Olivia Rodrigo. In the video, Joshua used a filter on TikTok to predict the first letter of the love of his life. “First letter is the love of my life,” he said and then received an ‘O.’ He pressed the filter again to reshuffle the letters and received a ‘Q.’ He added, “OK, ‘Q’ I’ll take it!” LOL — we wonder who ‘O’ is!

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