We were *not* ready for this, Joshua Bassett! The HSMTMTS just surprised fans with the sudden release of his song “Would You Love Me Now?” on October 6, 2022. Keep reading to uncover the lyrics, meaning and inspiration behind the track!

What Is Joshua Bassett’s “Would You Love Me Now?” About?

Joshua sings about a connection with a past lover that he misses and longs for, hoping to somehow rekindle one day.

The Disney star acknowledged the sudden, unconventional release of “Would You Love Me Now?,” which premiered just weeks after his release of EP Sad Songs In a Hotel Room on September 23.

“At the end of the summer, inspiration struck me like lightning,” Joshua explained in a press release. “I found myself up at ungodly hours barely keeping up with the songs. The new music felt urgent to put out into the world. This first track – ‘would you love me now?’ – touches on how even after heartbreak and distance, there are certain people you will always find yourself asking, “What if we tried it again?”

He added, “From long lost love, broken promises, reconciliation, and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Joshua Bassett’s “Would You Love Me Now?” Lyric Breakdown

“I never wrote the letter that I swore I’d send, I never got to tell you what I really meant,” Joshua croons in the first verse. “I’m passing Pasadena, do you still live in L.A.?”

The chorus begins gentle with Joshua asking his past lover what they would do if he showed up at their doorstep.

“If I showed up at your doorstep, would you turn me away? Or would you care to see a stranger whose eyes are still the same?” he croons over piano. “Take me or leave me, I’m going home / But I’d rather be going your way, so, would you love me now?”

The thoughtful, sentimental track showcases Joshua’s stunning vocals and his affinity for (sad) songwriting. “Would You Love Me Now?” is similar to his recently released EP in that it showcases his regret and remorse over relationships that have since ended. It seems that Joshua has entered his sad boy era, indeed.

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