Riverdale will be back in everyone’s lives with brand new episodes beginning Oct. 11 when season two premieres on The CW. For those who haven’t gotten around to watching all of season one yet (it’s on Netflix so hop to it!) it’s safe to say that if a show got Cole Sprouse to return to acting, it must be something special. He really is the perfect Jughead Jones and in-between filming scenes for upcoming episodes on location in Vancouver, Cole has been stopping to say hi to fans and poses for many selfies. An angel, truly.

But it’s the most recent pics and vids fan snapped of the actor that have us freaking out a little bit. The first season concluded with the Southside Serpents paying a visit to Jughead’s home to let them know he’s one of them now, since his dad F.P. didn’t squeal on anyone else when he had the chance to name who else was involved with the cover-up on Jason Blossom’s murder after Clifford Blossom blackmailed F.P. into doing this. They then presented Jughead with his dad’s black leather serpents jacket, something his love Betty was v concerned about and since he’s not attending Southside high instead of Riverdale High with his friends, things are going to get intense for sure.

jughead betty

While it was still unclear as to if Jughead would take his dad’s spot in the dangerous gang, it seems like we just got confirmation that yep, Juggie totally embraces the serpent life now. Take a look at Cole in character stopping to meet some fans:


Clearly, he has embraced this new path and now it’s going to be so interesting to see how it all plays out in the upcoming episodes. Is he truly all about that serpent life? Is he doing this for his dad? How is it affecting his friendships and his relationship with Betty? So many questions now. If anything though, we should’ve known this was going to happen. As Cole showed us in a since-deleted throwback Instagram pic, playing this dark Jughead was always a part of him.

Solid proof right there.

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