Adam Sandler has finally dished about what REALLY happened at his dinner with Justin Bieber and it was nothing like anyone thought. The Just Go With It actor said, “He’s funny as hell and we went out to dinner and had a nice time. He’s really, really a great guy — just funny and he can sing pretty well.” He also totally slammed the rumor that Justin wanted to grab food with him and David Spade because he’s trying to get into acting. That is not happening at all, sorry Beliebers.

Adam explained, “I don’t know who said that, but that’s some weird story that they made up. That’s not it at all. We just hung out. We just wanted to go to dinner, me and David Spade and Dustin [Hoffman], and Dustin said no, so it was just me and David…The Bieber boy is a good boy. He really is.”

Aww! This is super cute and we now have Adam to thank for squashing the rumor. Apparently, the Biebs is just going to stick with singing for now. To be honest, that’s fine with us.

See the original story below.

Justin Bieber usually isn’t one to copy what his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez does but he reportedly wants to get more into acting – something the “Bad Liar” singer has recently started to do more and more of. Selena landed a role in Woody Allen’s yet untitled film alongside Elle Fanning and by the looks of the photos, it seems like she’s nailing the job. Justin is looking to take those same steps. Us Weekly is reporting that the Biebs actually went to dinner with big-time movie stars Adam Sandler and David Spade to chat about how he can get himself into this industry.

A source said, “Justin asked Adam and David Spade out to dinner to pick their brains about breaking into the film industry.They had a great time! Justin had a lot of questions for them about the movie world.” The crew reportedly went to Morton’s steakhouse near Los Angeles following the telethon, Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief, at the beginning of September.

The source claims, “Justin is trying to educate himself about the industry and learn more about it. He wants to break into acting and directing/producing.” Not only that, but word is going around that Scooter Braun is the one who set up this dinner, which means he’s all into Justin furthering his acting career.

It’s important to note a few things here, though. Justin is no stranger to the acting world. He actually has had a couple of gigs namely in Zoolander 2 and CSI where he played a serial killer for two episodes. To be honest, he wasn’t totally awful in either the movie or the show so we can totally see him wanting to do more of this. Then there’s also the fact that he stopped his Purpose Tour early. Could acting have been an underlying reason?

Scooter said in a recent interview that Justin’s issues were far worse than fans realize. But, if all of that is going on, could it be a catalyst for him to move away from music and onto something else that could possibly make him happier? It wouldn’t be the craziest thing he’s done, that’s for sure. But, there’s no telling what will actually come from his dinner with Adam and David. There’s also no real proof that he’s doing this with Selena as the inspiration. We’d like to think he still looks up to her, especially in this world that is so unfamiliar to him, but he’s on his own path. Beliebers just better watch out because if JB is determined, we’ll see him on the big screen sooner rather than later.

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