Justin Bieber is known now for the many crazy situations that he finds himself in, including several fights this year alone. During a recent game of hockey, the singer is seen wearing the jersey number 23, and skating along when one of the other players breaks his stick and doesn't apologize.

TMZ obtained a video of when the singer confronted the other player and followed him around the rink while the referee separated them. He then approached the opposing goalie, but other players separated them and it luckily did not escalate to worse things this time around.

We can't tell if people purposely antagonize the singer or if he has a short fuse, but usually the nature of hockey is a bit more aggressive than other sports, so we hope that JB can be a team player next time.

Watch the video above, and let us know if you think Justin was in the right in the comments section and check out other scandalous JB moments!

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