Canadian crooners Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes have become one of Hollywood’s most iconic best friend pairs over the years! But as it turns out, they weren’t always as close as they are now.

Flashback to 2015, when Justin first heard Shawn’s name during an interview with WPLJ-FM Radio and asked “Who is Shawn Mendes?” Now, the “What Do You Mean?” singer definitely knows the Grammy-nominated artist, especially since they released a pretty meaningful song called “Monster” together in November 2020. Detailing the trials and tribulations of fame, the track immediately resonated with both musicians.

“I think I was coming off the back of a couple of big songs and definitely just so driven by my ego and just feeling like something in this feels not right,” Shawn told Zane Lowe during his November 2020 Apple Music interview. “This song has always resonated with me and it just never found its way out. And now all of a sudden I was listening to it one day, and I just started my relationship with Justin. It just started forming properly in the last three months. And I called him and I was like, ‘Look, I have this song. It’s kind of going there.’ We go there.”

The “In My Blood” singer continued, “And his heart fell deep into it … And it just felt really nice because it was a full circle moment for me, this guy who was the reason I started singing.”

Months later, the pair met up at the 2021 Met Gala and the entire thing was captured on video! While Justin went for the traditional suit, Shawn showed off his abs in a shirtless look.

“Hey, bro. How are you?” Shawn asks. Justin replied, “Good,” adding, “Feeling good? You look good. Going with the no shirt vibes. I like it.”

Shawn responded, “Yeah, trying to push it a little bit.”

While Justin added, “Gotta flex it.”

After the short interaction, both couples headed off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the star-studded event takes place.

“We’ll see you guys,” Justin told Shawn and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello. Then added, “Love you so much.”

It’s no secret that Justin and Shawn have formed a bromance that’ll go down and history. To celebrate their epic friendship, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see where it all started — the start! Scroll through our gallery for a complete timeline of Shawn and Justin’s friendship. 

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