Justin Bieber’s name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue the last couple of days, for very different reasons.

It of course all started when the “Cold Water” singer shocked fans by announcing he would be cancelling the remaining dates left on his Purpose Tour. After being on the road for over two years, and performing over 150 shows – fans have clearly understood that Justin is in need of a little break.

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Then the rumors started that this all went down because the Biebs was somehow trying to start his own church. Obviously that wasn’t true, but what seems to be 100% real is his break from just about everything, other than taking time for himself.

For those who were hoping that during this down time, Justin would secretly be writing some songs and find time to work on a new album to release sometime next year – that doesn’t appear to be happening either. At the moment the “Love Yourself” singer will be taking a long break from the entire industry – music and touring, according to TMZ.

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If anyone is worried about Justin never returning to his one true passion – take a sigh of relief. Sources close to the singer revealed that he has plans to return to the studio and even back on the road to tour. When exactly? That’s still up in the air for now, but it has to be when the time is right.

Given everything else that’s happened in the last couple of days, including accidentally hitting a photographer with his car…who can blame Justin for just wanting to lay low?

Hopefully during this time off, he finds the relaxation he’s looking for and some awesome inspiration for a new album. Sure, it won’t be dropping as soon as fans hoped but whenever it does come, no doubt it’ll be met with open arms, ears, and some pretty loud screams.

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