Christmas is upon us with the holiday only a mere few days away. So naturally, everyone's been listening to Justin Bieber's legendary album "Under the Mistletoe" all month long. And frankly, if a song sneaks on when your playlist is on shuffle any time of the year, these tunes are always welcome.

justin bieber mistletoe

But for some of us (aka me), this holiday season might just be the first time you've listened to JB's album all the way through, deluxe version and all. Since this album dropped back in 2011, I know: I'm very late to this party. But I had only ever really listened to "Mistletoe" and felt like that was enough. So it came as a big surprise to me when I got to the final track on the deluxe edition, "Someday at Christmas," and heard baby Biebs singing to me. As in the audio on this track wasn't 2011 version of Justin, but from when he was a kid. Brb, crying.

So as it turns out from doing a quick YouTube search, JB sang this Stevie Wonder classic when was younger and that is the audio he used on the album version of the song. Watch the video to see a lil JB up on stage belting it out:

I'm sorry, can you even hear the song over the sound of my sobs? He was the cutest and from the old videos Justin used to post on YouTube that ended up getting Scooter Braun's attention and led him to become the superstar we know as Justin Bieber today, it was obvious this young kid from Canada with a ton of talent was meant to make it big. And he did. So the fact that he paid homage to his younger self on the "Unde the Mistletoe" Christmas album truly shows how full circle JB has come. It serves as a gift to that kid who just wanted to sing. Justin went on to perform this song at the Christmas in Washington 2011 event, you know that was casually hosted by President Barack Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle.

justin bieber obama christmas

It's clear "Someday at Christmas" forever holds a special place in Justin's heart and now it does in mine too. I had no idea that's how he decided to end his Christmas album and I'm so glad you did, Justin. Now I can just sit here and reflect on how he really made all his dreams come true. And he sounded oh so cute, even back then.

justin bieber mistletoe video

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