No question or doubts about it, Justin Bieber has pretty much been on the straight and narrow since getting in some serious trouble with the law a few years ago.

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He publicly made a pledge to fans and himself not too long ago that he would never return to jail, and he’s been working pretty hard at turning over a new leaf. It’s safe to say that Justin pretty much has become a whole new person, but he did get into a little trouble with the law not too long ago
according to TMZ.

The outlet is reporting that over the weekend, Biebs was stopped by the police while out in Beverly Hills, California for driving and being on his cellphone at the same time. Not good!

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It’s unknown whether the “Love Yourself” was talking or texting while behind the wheel, but either it’s something that he never should have done. Justin should know, after all he did a PSA a few years ago about the dangers of texting and driving. In the video, the encouraged fans to stay safe while on out on the roads and take responsibility for their actions.

One thing the “What Do You Mean” singer won’t be facing is jail time for the citation. Instead, he cooperated calmly, without any issues, and was issued a ticket on the spot that on average will costs around $162 in California – according to the report.

Justin has yet to say anything publicly about the situation, and it’s not known whether or not he will even address the matter to fans on social media. Certainly, one thing fans are hoping for is that the singer has learned his lesson about the dangers of using a phone while sitting behind the wheel of a car, and it's something he will never do again.

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